SUPPORT H.R. 3482 - Restoring Main Street Investor Protection and Confidence Act

SIPC claims it was never the intent of Congress to protect innocent investors of a fraudulent SEC registered broker/dealer when it enacted the Securities Investor Protection Act (SIPA). This claim is made despite the fact it was created specifically to calm the fear of investor distrust in the industry. Securities investors were asked to give up holding paper stock certificates and instead, allow their broker/dealers to trade electronically. But this left them with no proof of what they owned. With the passage of SIPA, investors were told they could rely solely on their monthly statements, as long as they were issued by SEC regulated broker/dealers, and those statements would be the only proof they’d ever need that they owned the securities being held for them electronically. Stephen Harbeck, president and CEO of SIPC, testified at a House Committee hearing that SIPC was indeed investor protection except for market risk. The following statement was made by former President Richard M. Nixon as he signed the SIPA statute on December 30, 1970:

The Intent of Congress When it Enacted SIPA in 1970 is CLEAR!

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Help engage our current CONGRESS to enforce, clarify and honor the intentions of those who served before them and by thanking those already supporting H.R.3482